Backstory – The Deer Effect

THE DEER EFFECT came to life for me one day while walking my dog, Robert. That’s right. My dog’s name is Robert. My husband’s is Bob so every once in a while, things at home get a bit wonky. Especially around dinner time. Anyway, while Robert and I were heading toward a strip of road that runs parallel to the Olympic Strait, we spotted a deer that had been hit by a car. Robert nearly dragged me to get to its body. Once there, I bent down to make sure it was dead. It was but as I knelt by its side, I was transported by the heaviness of the situation. It was spring and this the deer was a doe, which meant there were fawns somewhere—possibly spotty ones—without a mother to feed them. While Robert sniffled the doe’s body, he moved into the street. It was then, I realized we both might have been at risk, even possibly clipped by a car coming around the corner where the doe lay. That’s when the story unfolded for me. It started with the doe and expanded into a story about kindness, forgiveness, and faith. I absolutely loved writing THE DEER EFFECT. I hope the writing of it made me a bit more human. And thank you for reading this story. It’s one of my favorites.

Coming June 15th!