Susan Wingate is a #1 Amazon bestseller and an award-winning author. Wingate’s dark, gritty writing  spans the breadth of genres including mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal, inspirational and Christian fiction, fantasy, memoir, and nonfiction.

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Life and Writing. I grew up believing I could fly. My mother once saved me from launching off our roof with only newspaper wings held together with coat hangers and tape.

I grew up on stage, had learned singing, dancing, acting. The singing and dancing I still love. Acting? Not so much. My passion is work “behind the scenes.” I took up a pen in my teens, at first, writing crappy songs and pathetic poetry. Much later, I started the longer work going from short fiction to novles, many of which seem to focus on the grittier side of life.

My First Novel. I began writing my first novel in 1997. I had no business writing a novel. I had no proper training and the thing took eight years to complete. That was OF THE LAW, a noir mystery about a law man who’s sick to death of perps, bureaucracy, and well, life in general. Then, I wrote three amateur sleuths for The Bobby’s Diner series, a stand-alone called family drama called DROWNING, then a young adult romantic fantasy called TROUBLED IN PARADISE, after that I wrote a novella and the first installment of a trilogy for a young adult inspirational fantasy called WAY OF THE WILD WOOD. After that came THE DEER EFFECT, an inspirational psychological fantasy, which won six awards. I’ve also written a two how-to-write books. As well, I have a ton of short stories, which you can find on Amazon.

Here’s a recent short story, if you’d like to try me out, called DEER SANCTUARY where I’ve folded deer into a bowl full of gritty. DEER SANCTUARY appeared in the Feb 2017 issue of Suspense Magazine.

The Deer/Me Effect. The island has an abundance of deer. Right now, we have a small herd of about forty black-tailed deer. They come morning, noon, and night begging for corn, barley, oats, apples, and tree trimmings. Some have names, like Einstein, Bee-Bop and Kitty. Some are yearlings and have just “shown up.” And, some, like Kitty, have been coming for twelve years and longer. Some let me to pet them, like Einstein and a new little guy with newly-sprouted, 2-inch antlers.

Nature and animals always play a role in my novels. In fact, in each my stories I cast a cameo appearance for a deer and often a cat or dog in a supporting role. To learn more about my books, go to my books page here.

What I’m Working On ~ What’s Under Consideration

  1. MOON SPYER, a tale about a 16-year old whose 7-year old sister gets killed by a drunk driver.
  2. In progress but slow going – THE DEMENTIA CHRONICLES, the memoir intermixing blog posts of my mom’s journey with Alzheimer’s disease. My mother died December 2016 and I’m having some trouble writing this.
  3. In progress – THE FALSE WITNESS, book two of The Eschatos Chronicles (a seven-book post-apocalyptic thriller series–think The Road meets The Oath meets The Book of Eli) – at 20,000 words, I’m about one-third of the way to completion!
  4. Under consideration for representation – THE LESSER WITNESS, book one of The Eschatos Chronicles

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