#BagLady Book Reviews: FIRST THE THUNDER by Randall Silvis

#BagLady Book Reviews: FIRST THE THUNDER by Randall Silvis What a life. Read books. Eat. Sleep. Read more. Write. Write. Edit. Read another book. I’d say a blessed existence. Especially, since I’ve recently offered up giving book reviews as #BagLady Book Reviews. So, on we go with the next installment of #BagLady Book Reviews: FIRST…

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#BagLady B Busy

The #BagLady B Busy this month. So busy in fact that I bagged everything bag. Except for reading books. I definitely got a book or two in this month. Even with two waves of family visits–four from the Tacoma area and another from California. Family loved, laughed, ate, drank, and were overall merry. Until they…

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#BAGLADY Loves Books

As you can see, the #BAGLADY loves her some books. In fact, she says, “Read a book!” You can get a copy of one of the #BAGLADY’s favorite novels HERE. For only $4.99. What a deal! Psst! It’s her own book! Shhh. Interested in a #BAGLADY book review? Click HERE for more information. Please type…

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