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Susan Wingate started Dialogue: Between the Lines in 2010 when it was uncool to have a podcast. Who knew that she’d be leading the wave of book-related podcasts when she saw a need for fiction marketing platforms. At first, the early years also featured her friend and co-host, Joshua Graham. Since then, she’s hosted celebrity authors and emerging authors alike. As an author herself, Susan explores key aspects of writing in a professional, conversational and sometimes humorous manner. To learn more about Susan Wingate and her books, head over to: www.susanwingate.com

If you are an author, agent, publicist, or publisher, Susan would be happy to have you on Dialogue.


Please head over to Dialogue-BetweentheLines.com to contact our booking manager, Michael Beas at 704-771-4865 or email him at [email protected]. Michael’s website is www.ebookmarketingsolutions.com


I’ve done countless radio shows and podcasts, but Susan Wingate’s Dialogue: Between the Lines is one of my favorites. Why? Because she’s in the trenches with us. She understands writers.  Her questions are insightful, the banter fun, and she has a knack for making me say things I’d never thought I’d say out loud. What more could you ask from an interviewer? If she served coffee, I’d never leave her house. –JAMES ROLLINS, New York Times Bestselling author

I’ve done my share of radio shows over the years. Some of them have been silly. Others have been plain dull, especially when the interviewer never takes the time to read any of your work. But Susan Wingate’s Dialogue is quickly becoming the Charlie Rose of Blog Talk Radio. Insightful, informed, and always prepared, it’s no wonder Susan’s show is featuring only the most important movers and shakers in the contemporary literary world. –VINCENT ZANDRI, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of The Remains and The Ashes

Susan Wingate is that rarest of interviewers in that she comes to the process without an ego. She provides thoughtful questions that evoke thoughtful answers and she never gets in the way. I get interviewed a lot and there are more than several interviewers who are clearly there to hear their own voices. Not Ms. Wingate! She simply brings out the best of her guests. I’d go on her show anytime, anywhere. –LES EDGERTON

I really enjoyed my time on Dialogue: Between the Lines. Susan is a great host, and I think the show is both helpful and fun. –CHIP MACGREGOR, MacGregor Literary Agency

I enjoyed being interviewed on Dialogue: Between the Lines where Susan asked interesting questions. I appreciated the opportunity to connect with readers. –JANE ISENBERG

All authors self-promote and one of the many fantastic ways to get the word out regarding you and your work is through Blog Radio interviews. I have found it rewarding to have the interviewer also be a seasoned author, as they are able to put themselves in your shoes, as it were, and would heartily recommend putting yourself in the hands of the talented and prodigious author, Susan Wingate and her radio show, Dialogue: Between the Lines. –MARK SADLER

Dialogue is so fun, so informative. Every time I’m on the show I learn from the discussion. What better way to grow as a writer but through dialog. –TERRY PERSUN

Dialogue: Between the Lines is an exceptional venue for author interviews. Susan Wingate is talented, professional, and the perfect host for this engaging radio program. –WILLIAM BECK

Dialogue: Between the Lines is a great way to gain more exposure for your work and a chance to discuss the themes in your writing.  Host Susan Wingate is a joy to chat with, you won’t regret your ‘appearance’ on her radio program! –MICHAEL ANGEL

I wish I could talk to Susan about writing every week! –NICOLE J. PERSUN

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