Other Writing

Susan Wingate also writes fiction under several pen names, as Nora Robb and as JJ Addamms.  Nora Robb writes gritty, yet humorous thrillers.  And JJ Addamms writes gritty, dark thrillers crossing genres between psychological suspense and end of times.

Cliche by Aaron Patterson and Nora RobbCLICHÉ by Aaron Patterson and Nora Robb

New from International Bestselling Author Aaron Patterson and Amazon bestseller Nora Robb comes a tongue-in-cheek look at crime-fighting at its, um, finest?

Archer Cross is the best detective LAPD has ever had. Or so he believes. A hard-hitting mystery where truth is fiction and fiction isn’t truth, at all.

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A Falling of Law by JJ AdamsA FALLING OF LAW by JJ Addamms

If Raymond Chandler wrote Silence of the Lambs, you’d get something like A Falling of Law. Once called the “new queen of mystery,” Susan Wingate (writing as JJ Adams) pens a thriller of a detective crime story. Harvey Flemings has discovered not just once, but twice, the same gruesome murder and is up to his neck in guilt. After many years of their small town enduring her abuses, someone has finally killed Leona Malouf. When the investigation turns cold, a sketchy trail leads back to Harvey. And, when there seems no possible way of redeeming his not-so-good name, he learns the identity of the real murderer.

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Coming June 15th!