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Some Exciting News

Some Exciting News Monday marked a great day for me when I received some exciting news. I was checking my email and in the subject line of one read: Congratulations! You Won a Book Excellence Award! Honestly, I didn’t even remember entering books into any contests. After reading further, the revamped version, STORM SEASON (previously…

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18 Awards in Four Fiction Genres

18 Awards in Four Fiction Genres In this post you will learn about 18 awards in four fiction genres. Winning awards increases your book sales and can launch your career. After Drowning (now The Last Maharajan) won the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for the category of family drama, I received 32,000 eBook downloads within two…

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3 Areas of Today's Focus on Writing Practice

The 3 areas of today’s focus on writing practice led to a few new story ideas and that’s how it always is when I practice. I have a file (or two) on my laptop called “Something Wonderful.” I include in these files sparks of ideas, curious phrasing, and intriguing descriptors. In the morning I sit…

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