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Cycling and Recycling Through Story

As I write my thirteenth book, I find myself cycling and recycling through the story. As a part of editing but also as a part of finding the larger story. CYCLING AS PART OF EDITING Actually, cycling is not all that unusual for me. In fact, I tend to write new work one day and…

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Inspired Reading Equals Inspired Writing

Inspired reading equals inspired writing, from reading about scene-setting to characterization. I’ve been reading some great authors lately. What I enjoy is how each time I learn something helpful for my own writing. One writer will have an interesting nuance about how she links characterization to scene, how she gets to the heart of sensuous…

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Prayers for Florida and After the Season Writing

My Prayer for Florida: Please God, know how worried I am about the devastation heading for the State of Florida. I, like many others across the globe, have been riveted to news about this unbridled hurricane. On its brink, Mexico has suffered one of the biggest devastating events in recorded history–a magnitude 8.0 earthquake. My…

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